This site is dedicated to one of the legends of the canoeing industry. Gene Jensen’s contributions have made an impact on every facet of modern canoeing and his lifelong commitment to improving the sport will live on forever. Although he passed away in 2004 his ideas and contributions to the sport continue to push the design and techniques still being developed today.


The purpose of this site is not only to provide information on the many contributions Gene has made to the sport of canoeing but also ensure that his legend will continue. Feel free to look around at the entire site and you too will grow in your appreciation for all that this he’s done to benefit the industry.


“He didn’t invent marathon canoe racing, but by 1980, he was certainly a racing legend, and he was the foremost designer of racing hulls. His name was Eugene Jensen, and his Jensen-designed canoes have dominated both professional and recreational marathon racing for years.” – Canoe Journal 1997


“As a designer Gene Jensen revolutionized the paddling world by putting efficient, fun-to-paddle canoes in the hands of the average paddler. More than any other individual he has brought the world of canoeing into the modern era. A ‘pretty good’ or ‘average’ canoe never has and never will be one of Gene’s goals.” – Mike Cichanowski, President, We-no-nah Canoes

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