It has been an honor to be selected as a builder for Gene Jensen. We have been building Jensen designed canoes for over 25 years under the trade name of Clipper.

I remember the initial agreement for the builder's contract that we worked out in the hotel room, written up on one sheet of paper, that was sealed with a gentlemen's handshake. No fancy lawyers or big contracts.

Our last visit with Gene was in the early 90's at his home in Florida. He took us out for a paddle on a river (the name of which escapes me) that was formed from a large natural spring. We were paddling with Gene and his wife Audrey. Marlin & I each had one of our young sons with us and our sales manager, Lynne Smith. Of course we were in Jensen 3/27's, which would have been just fine were it not for the crocodiles with which we shared the river. Even Gene made the comment eventually that we should get out of this area. The riverbanks and trees were filled with small monkeys, much to our sons' delight. One fell from a tree with a splash beside our 8 year old in the bow of my canoe.

That paddling experience with Gene was definitely a memorable one. We will always keep those fond memories of him and continue to build his designs so that the general public can build their own memories of trips in Jensen designed canoes.

Mary & Marlin Bayes
Owners of Clipper Canoes and Western Canoeing & Kayaking


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